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Live Blackjack Table – Best Live Casino Software

Live Blackjack Table - Best Live Casino Software

Review Of The CWC Gaming Live Blackjack Table

CWC Gaming was the first company to provide live casino games. Their software and studios have now largely been surpassed by the names in live casino gaming – like Microgaming and Playtech – but CWC still has a lot to offer. They recently updated their software and now provide an even better live casino table then their original. Here, we will take a look at this updated live casino table to see what it offers.

Playing the Game – The live casino from CWC Gaming is the traditional version with insurance. To start playing, you first pick your table by limits and dealer. CWC employs a nice selection of dealers who are all very attractive young women. Even at busy times, you should still get lots of choices between the available dealers. The bet limit starts as low as 5 and gets up into 5-digit numbers. Note that CWC does not offer a free-play version for their live casino as they do with their live baccarat, roulette and Sic Bo.

The dealers take the game seriously and the deals happen quickly with just about 20 seconds between plays. You will see a counter telling you how much time you have left to make your bets.

The Layout – When CWC Gaming updated their live casino table format, they added a larger 3D streaming option. This lets you see the dealer’s actions in much clearer detail. You still have to play on the virtual table but most players aren’t going to complain about this. Hopefully CWC will come out with a fully-integrated full screen version soon.

There are some nice extra features included in the layout, such as bet and result histories. You can turn these features on/off to keep the playing surface clutter free, bandar bola.

The Dealers CWC is based out of Costa Rica and I believe that is where their live studios are also located. So, the dealers are mostly young Latina women. They are all incredibly beautiful! In the past, CWC had their dealers wear sexy little outfits or even bikinis. This doesn’t happen as frequently anymore since they have opted towards the more traditional style. However, don’t be might happen upon some risqué dealer!

There is a dealer chat feature available. You just type in a comment and she can respond in live audio. The audio can be switched off if it becomes distracting. Players can also chat with other players at the live casino table.

Live Dealer Blackjack – How To Play In Live Option

Live Dealer Blackjack - Ho To Play In Live Option

Crazy 21 From Entwine: Live Variation On Blackjack

Entwine is one of the leading live dealer blackjack platforms. So, it is a bit strange that they don’t offer a live dealer blackjack game. They do, however, have a game called Crazy 21 which is very similar to blackjack. Many players will certainly love mixing things up a bit with this game – especially since it is played live on a very nice setup.

How to PlayJust like with blackjack, the aim of Crazy 21 is to have a higher value hand than the dealer but without going over 21. To get blackjack, you have to get it on your first two cards. To play Crazy 21, you must make a regular live dealer blackjack bet on the dealer or player. You can take out insurance when the dealer’s first card is an Ace by wagering half your ante bet; this will cover you against the dealer getting a natural 21.

With this variation of live dealer blackjack, you can also make 3 optional side bets. The first is called a “safe bet” and is placed if you think that your first 2 cards will total between 12 and 16 without an Ace or any pairs. A safe bet pays out 3:2. The “highest hand bet” is available when playing 2+ hands. You bet on which hand you think will have a higher value I Wager. The final is the jackpot bet. It gets placed if you believe your first 2 cards will be 2 sevens. Then, if you get another seven, you win 1500! If you get 3 sevens of Spades, you get 30,000.

FeaturesEntwine generally does a good job of delivering their live dealer blackjack Crazy 21 in a way which is fun to play. You won’t exactly feel like you are in a real live dealer blackjack because the streaming window is in small screen. However, the playing table is a nice 3D quality. You get extra features like a bet history but this does make the layout a bit cluttered.

Keep in mind that this live dealer blackjack is targeted towards Asian players so the colors are a lot bolder. You can’t chat with the dealer during this game. There is about 30 seconds between deals and a countdown clock telling you how much time you have left to make your bets.


Should You Copy The Dealer’s Moves n Blackjack at an Internet Casino?

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

The strategy of “mimicking” the dealer is possibly the most popular alternative to basic internet casino strategy. It is based on the assumption that the strategy must be effective since the internet casino makes money using it but, as we’ll see, this thinking has several flaws.

There are several options that help the player lower the odds of the bank, including doubling down, splitting pairs and hitting soft 17s and 18s. Of course, if you are to copy the dealer, you would not avail of any of these options and that only serves to give the house a higher edge.

One of the main reasons this tactic will not work in the long run is the fact that the dealer always acts after the players Score Jitu. This gives the dealer a distinct advantage since players are forced to risk busting before the dealer even reveals the hole-card. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the dealer’s up-card as well as your own cards when making a decision.

Generally speaking, basic internet casino strategy means that the player faces a house edge of around 0.4%. If you choose to simply mimic the dealer, you will instead face a house edge of 5.48%.