Month: January 2017

Should You Copy The Dealer’s Moves n Blackjack at an Internet Casino?

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

The strategy of “mimicking” the dealer is possibly the most popular alternative to basic internet casino strategy. It is based on the assumption that the strategy must be effective since the internet casino makes money using it but, as we’ll see, this thinking has several flaws.

There are several options that help the player lower the odds of the bank, including doubling down, splitting pairs and hitting soft 17s and 18s. Of course, if you are to copy the dealer, you would not avail of any of these options and that only serves to give the house a higher edge.

One of the main reasons this tactic will not work in the long run is the fact that the dealer always acts after the players Score Jitu. This gives the dealer a distinct advantage since players are forced to risk busting before the dealer even reveals the hole-card. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the dealer’s up-card as well as your own cards when making a decision.

Generally speaking, basic internet casino strategy means that the player faces a house edge of around 0.4%. If you choose to simply mimic the dealer, you will instead face a house edge of 5.48%.

The Pros and Cons of Negative Positive Progression Systems in Live Roulette

Live Online Roulette: Positive Vs Negative Progression Betting

Live Online Roulette: Positive Vs Negative Progression Betting

There is absolutely no way of predicting what number will come next in live online roulette. That said, there are a few strategies you can apply. They are built on the laws of probability but don’t be fooled into thinking they are a sure thing because they are not!

Paroli is a common betting strategy and is what we call a positive progression betting system. The thinking is that you should bet a certain amount on an even chance and double that amount after you win. You do this until you have won a certain number of times and then go back to betting your original amount. You also go back to your original amount and start again after a loss.

Martingale is what is known as a negative progression betting system. You pick an even chance (for example high numbers) and bet the same amount on every spin as long as you win. When you lose, you double your bet to make up for the loss. The theory is that you’ll eventually win back any losses and make a profit equal to your original betting amount.

You should be careful when using these types of systems togel online. Positive progression systems are less dangerous since you only ever raise your bet when you’re winning.