Live Blackjack Table – Best Live Casino Software

Live Blackjack Table - Best Live Casino Software

Review Of The CWC Gaming Live Blackjack Table

CWC Gaming was the first company to provide live casino games. Their software and studios have now largely been surpassed by the names in live casino gaming – like Microgaming and Playtech – but CWC still has a lot to offer. They recently updated their software and now provide an even better live casino table then their original. Here, we will take a look at this updated live casino table to see what it offers.

Playing the Game – The live casino from CWC Gaming is the traditional version with insurance. To start playing, you first pick your table by limits and dealer. CWC employs a nice selection of dealers who are all very attractive young women. Even at busy times, you should still get lots of choices between the available dealers. The bet limit starts as low as 5 and gets up into 5-digit numbers. Note that CWC does not offer a free-play version for their live casino as they do with their live baccarat, roulette and Sic Bo.

The dealers take the game seriously and the deals happen quickly with just about 20 seconds between plays. You will see a counter telling you how much time you have left to make your bets.

The Layout – When CWC Gaming updated their live casino table format, they added a larger 3D streaming option. This lets you see the dealer’s actions in much clearer detail. You still have to play on the virtual table but most players aren’t going to complain about this. Hopefully CWC will come out with a fully-integrated full screen version soon.

There are some nice extra features included in the layout, such as bet and result histories. You can turn these features on/off to keep the playing surface clutter free.

The Dealers CWC is based out of Costa Rica and I believe that is where their live studios are also located. So, the dealers are mostly young Latina women. They are all incredibly beautiful! In the past, CWC had their dealers wear sexy little outfits or even bikinis. This doesn’t happen as frequently anymore since they have opted towards the more traditional style. However, don’t be might happen upon some risqué dealer!

There is a dealer chat feature available. You just type in a comment and she can respond in live audio. The audio can be switched off if it becomes distracting. Players can also chat with other players at the live casino table.

Sicbo Live – The Best Casino Card Tables

Sicbo Live - The Best Casino Card Tables

Review Of Sic Bo Live Casino Tables

Sic Bo is fairly popular in Asian casinos but still hasn’t quite caught on in the west. As a result, not many live casino platforms carry the game. If you are looking for Sic Bo live casino tables, your two main options are from Playtech and CWC Gaming.

Sic Bo from Playtech – Playtech is one of the leading makers of live casino tables and offers cutting edge technology. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find live casino which carry their live Sic Bo because only the Playtech Asian platform carries the game. If you do find a live casino which has the game, you may not be able to get English-language support.

It doesn’t really matter what language you speak though to play live Sic Bo. When you open the game, you will get to choose between a selection of available dealers. All of them are very attractive young Asian women. Regardless of when you play, you should have many live casino tables available.

Because the Sic Bo betting table is so intricate, it isn’t really possible to play the game in full screen. You’d end up misplacing bets too frequently. That is why we were only able to find Sic Bo live games with small-screen streaming. It is still nice to see the real dices falling in real time; Playtech gives a great-quality zoomed-in shot.

Some of the features of Playtech’s live Sic Bo include:Chat with dealer or other playersHigh quality video streamingWorks well with slow internet connections3D style playing surfaceTraditional style; attractive Asian dealers

Sic Bo from CWC Gaming – CWC Gaming was the first platform for live casino tables. With their other games, they have fallen behind competitors like Playtech in terms of quality and features. However, their Sic Bo is right on par with Playtech – mostly because neither has the ability to offer a full-screen streaming. The appearance of both games is very different though, so players will most definitely prefer one over the other. With the CWC live Sic Bo, you get an overhead view of the table and even a virtual girl sitting at it with you!

Here are some of the features of CWC’s live Sic Bo : Chat with dealer or other playersBeautiful Latina and Western dealersWide betting rangeFree play (for a limited time)Wide range of bets (5 to 3000)


Live Dealer Blackjack – How To Play In Live Option

Live Dealer Blackjack - Ho To Play In Live Option

Crazy 21 From Entwine: Live Variation On Blackjack

Entwine is one of the leading live dealer blackjack platforms. So, it is a bit strange that they don’t offer a live dealer blackjack game. They do, however, have a game called Crazy 21 which is very similar to blackjack. Many players will certainly love mixing things up a bit with this game – especially since it is played live on a very nice setup.

How to PlayJust like with blackjack, the aim of Crazy 21 is to have a higher value hand than the dealer but without going over 21. To get blackjack, you have to get it on your first two cards. To play Crazy 21, you must make a regular live dealer blackjack bet on the dealer or player. You can take out insurance when the dealer’s first card is an Ace by wagering half your ante bet; this will cover you against the dealer getting a natural 21.

With this variation of live dealer blackjack, you can also make 3 optional side bets. The first is called a “safe bet” and is placed if you think that your first 2 cards will total between 12 and 16 without an Ace or any pairs. A safe bet pays out 3:2. The “highest hand bet” is available when playing 2+ hands. You bet on which hand you think will have a higher value I Wager. The final is the jackpot bet. It gets placed if you believe your first 2 cards will be 2 sevens. Then, if you get another seven, you win 1500! If you get 3 sevens of Spades, you get 30,000.

FeaturesEntwine generally does a good job of delivering their live dealer blackjack Crazy 21 in a way which is fun to play. You won’t exactly feel like you are in a real live dealer blackjack because the streaming window is in small screen. However, the playing table is a nice 3D quality. You get extra features like a bet history but this does make the layout a bit cluttered.

Keep in mind that this live dealer blackjack is targeted towards Asian players so the colors are a lot bolder. You can’t chat with the dealer during this game. There is about 30 seconds between deals and a countdown clock telling you how much time you have left to make your bets.


Pokies – Play Money Poker

Pokies - Play Money Poker

The Australian government passed the IGA or the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 to protect average Australians from the harmful effects of gambling. But it has not stopped people from indulging in their first love with more gusto than ever and they love nothing more than to be able to play money poker online.

Pokies sell the most in Australia

Pokies, the machine all Australians love, sell in Australia much more than in any other nation in the world. The country accounts for nearly 20% of all poker machines sold in the world. You can now play money poker from the comfort of your home at the click of a mouse. It is very easy these days and lots of online sites have come up with the most lucrative offers on earth to players.

Gambling being a national pastime, people are now scurrying to their keyboards to get into a poker room online. They can meet people from all over the world and share their ideas and trade tips. It is a place where they can interact and also catch up with old mates.

With sports betting online being completely legal unlike in the US, there are also many government licensed sports books like Betfair, Sportingbet and Centrebet. States take in taxes from the money earned in gambling related activities. Poker is an all popular national level gambling hobby that is loved by all Australians.

With the online facility and the chance to play money poker online, there is no shortage of players. You could be staying in the big cities or the outback, or even nestling in the tropical surrounds of northern Queensland. The online stage is yours and you can log in when you want without having to bother about the dress codes of casinos.

We bet on anything

There are over 480 online casino sites on the whole of Oceania with a majority of the based in Australia. That shows the amount of interest online casino games have generated in a nation that truly believes in luck Liga Sbobet. Known as the lucky country, holding a bet is an everyday affair. From betting which fly will fly away from the wall to the outcome of cricket, football and other sports scores, the list doesn\’t end with this.

People also gamble on the election results. The attitude towards gambling has made the industry surge ahead many others and has also been responsible for bringing in tourists from all over. To play poker online you just need to log in at the site of your choice and also receive their offers and promos.

Online sites, in a bid to draw in customers, try all incentives in the book and you can play money poker online at your convenience.


Playing Poker Live A Pro

Playing Poker Live A Pro

Playing poker has never been so easy after the arrival of the internet. Many people play poker at the land based casinos while many others opt for the online version.

Omaha holdem

Among the most popular kind of poker games to be played at the online casinos is the Omaha holdem. It is close in race to the other popular Texas holdem. Having a style similar to Texas holdem, the Omaha holdem follows a similar style, but players are allowed four personal cards and they can share five community cards. But if you look at the commercial angle, the Texas holdem fetches more money for the gaming industry. Poker, played at the world championship level is also the Texas holdem variety.

It is supposedly the most revenue earning of the lot. Among the most popular hands for a win in the game of poker are the five of a kind, straight flush, three of a kind, two pair, pair and high card. Depending on their rank, the hands are named. Multiple combinations are allowed by the cards. But poker has become popular because of the millionaire awards. It was only in 2005 that the WSOP was won by an Australian.

Joseph Hachem is a poker role model

Of Lebanese origin, Joseph Hachem won the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship. Single handedly, Hachem popularized the sport in Australia and elsewhere. Nowadays more people in Australia want to take part in tournaments and want to give their best shot. Being highly competitive in spirit, Australians love to give their best shot and play hard any game they fancy. And poker has suddenly been catapulted to center stage, thanks to Joseph Hachem. For Australians, playing poker is nothing new.

Pokies or the poker machine at the casinos was very popular. Part of the gaming culture revolved around sharing a beer with a mate and asking him if he was interested in a game of poker online. In a country with a population that is a fraction of the worlds, poker machine sales account for a fifth of the global production. With the development of internet technology and Hachem\’s win at the WSOP, interest in the game has grown manifold.

Poker has taken on new dimensions and interest in the online casinos has gone up in the last ten years. Not only have they been able to bring the game into Australian homes, but with adoption of newer methods and technology, the game has become more realistic. People were wondering whether the random generated numbers in simulated online stuff was for real. Players wondered if there was a devil lurking somewhere to flinch them.

But playing poker with live dealers has made it more exciting and real. With interaction made possible, poker has busted popularity charts in recent years.


How to Use a Betting System In Baccarat?

How to Use a Betting System In Baccarat?

How To Apply The Martingale System To Baccarat

The martingale system is very popular when betting on the even chances in roulette, but it is also the most famous system used in baccarat. The idea is that you continue to play on the same chance and remove your winnings after each hand. When you lose, you should double your bet to recuperate the previous loss.

So if €10 is the betting unit you choose and you lose three hands, you will have bet €10, €20 and €40. The next bet will be €80 which means if you win, you will win back what you lost in the previous hands and win roughly 1 betting unit (there is usually a 5% “tax” on winning bank bets or Lynbet). The issue here is that you could end up betting large amounts quite quickly and you then find yourself risking a lot of money for just 1 betting unit.

Another problem is that, while the law of averages says the system should work in the long run, the “long run” is an undetermined amount of games. The casino’s bankroll is likely to be bigger than yours, so you should be very careful when you use a system like this. The other aspect to consider is that the table maximum is likely to be reached after roughly 10 losses in a row and this would stop you dead in your tracks!


Is It Really Possible To Predict The Results of Roulette at Casinos with Live Dealers?

Is It Really Possible To Predict The Results of Roulette at Casinos with Live Dealers?

University Professors Claim They Can Beat Roulette At Casinos With Live Dealers

Ever since roulette was first introduced around 200 years ago, people have been trying to come up with a legitimate way to beat the game by predicting the number or area of the wheel the ball will land in.

Recently, two university professors have claimed that it is possible to estimate the ball’s eventual destination. They say that, if the ball’s starting point is known, the velocity and deceleration rate of the ball can be measured to give a reasonable prediction of where the ball will land. Their method claims to remove the house edge of 2.7% (with a European wheel) and give the player an 18% advantage. If this were true, it would mean a massive advantage to the player.

The problem with the method is that casinos with live dealers don’t allow any sort of device to be used when playing and so using the method would definitely be considered cheating Prediksibet. The method does not work on online versions since they use random number generator software to determine the results of each spin.

In other words, we’re still no closer to a strategy which can successfully predict the outcome of a game without resorting to cheating.


Baccarat Casino Gambling And The Movies

Baccarat Casino Gambling And The Movies

There’s probably no greater exposure for a casino gambling game than appearing in a blockbuster movie. This raises the profile of the game in general and usually leads to a surge in popularity.

Baccarat has not received as much attention in movies as other casino gambling games but it hasn’t been completely ignored either.

Ian Fleming featured a version of the game in his James Bond novels in the 1950s. This version, known as Chemin de Fer, was Bonds favourite game and featured most notably in classics movies like “Casino Royale”, “Thunderball” and “Dr. No”. Fleming regularly attended John Aspinall’s casino gambling parties at the time, where Chemin de Fer was the most popular game and this is likely to have influenced his choice.

But it didn’t get much better than Bond for baccarat in the movies Ibetsbo. It was featured briefly in The Beatles’ first film, “A Hard Day’s Night” and although the film was hugely successful, it mostly appealed to a teenage audience, most of whom probably missed the reference!

Another notable appearance was in the 2007 film, Rush Hour 3, starring Chris Tucker. Tucker’s character, Carter is seen playing baccarat and mistaking three kings for a particularly strong hand, even though it is actually the weakest, since kings are worth 0!


Great Tips on How to Win on Roulette Tables

Great Tips on How to Win on Roulette Tables

Want To Know How To Win On Roulette Tables? Perhaps We Can Help!

Giving tips on how to win on roulette tables is not an easy task. The game is designed to be completely unpredictable for both those running the game and those playing it. The house does have a slight edge but the way casinos come out on top also depends largely on players’ tactics. But make no mistake, we’re not talking about strategy or betting systems here. What we really mean is learning to find advantages wherever possible. Here are a few tips that will help you learn how to win on roulette games!

Pick the right game!

Believe it or not, there is quite a difference between an American wheel and a European wheel. When you play on an American wheel, you’re up against a house edge of 5.26% but when you play on a European wheel you’ll only be up against a house edge of 2.7%. The reason for the difference in house edge is that the American wheel uses an extra number (00). So be sure to stick with a European wheel if possible!

Make smart bets

The bets on a roulette table have more or less the same house edge but if you want to play it a little safer, it’s best to stick to the even chances. While they might not be as exciting as other bets, they give you very slightly better odds because of the fact that when zero wins, you will either only lose half of your bet or else be forced to leave the bet in place for the next spin.

If you have to play on a table that uses an American wheel, make sure to avoid the top line bet (00, 0, 1, 2, 3). This particular bet has the worst odds, with a house edge of 7.7%.

Stay calm and stick to your limits

Possibly the worst thing you can do when you play roulette is to become upset. This can cause you to make reckless decisions. The key to learning how to win on roulette games is to make a plan and stick to it Dewa Liga. This should involve having a loss limit that you stick to no matter what else happens. It is also a good idea to have a win limit so that you stop playing at the right time!

Don’t pay for betting systems!

Using a betting system may be fun but there is none that can actually give you a better chance of winning. You should never pay money for a betting system, even if the person or company selling it claim that it always wins. Besides it is impossible to reduce the house edge using a system, there is an endless amount of free systems available online!


Should You Copy The Dealer’s Moves n Blackjack at an Internet Casino?

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

Don’t “mimic” The Dealer When Playing Blackjack At An Internet Casino

The strategy of “mimicking” the dealer is possibly the most popular alternative to basic internet casino strategy. It is based on the assumption that the strategy must be effective since the internet casino makes money using it but, as we’ll see, this thinking has several flaws.

There are several options that help the player lower the odds of the bank, including doubling down, splitting pairs and hitting soft 17s and 18s. Of course, if you are to copy the dealer, you would not avail of any of these options and that only serves to give the house a higher edge.

One of the main reasons this tactic will not work in the long run is the fact that the dealer always acts after the players Score Jitu. This gives the dealer a distinct advantage since players are forced to risk busting before the dealer even reveals the hole-card. That is why it is necessary to evaluate the dealer’s up-card as well as your own cards when making a decision.

Generally speaking, basic internet casino strategy means that the player faces a house edge of around 0.4%. If you choose to simply mimic the dealer, you will instead face a house edge of 5.48%.